We partnered with the high-end sports club L’Usine to create their third and bigger space dedicated to sport, relaxation and well-being in the heart of the historic Saint-Lazare train station.
Installed on two levels of the listed monument, we created a unique industrial style combining valchromat, wood, steel and polished concrete that both contrast and emphasize the beauty of the 19th century arches and Eiffel existing structures.
The work covered the interior design of the space from the main lobby, the integration of the new stair cases and elevators, the locker rooms, saunas, hammams, the various class rooms as well as a custom design of the main suspension lamp in the entrance that plays off gym elements.
We ended with the art direction by creating all the signage, the treatment
in noble wood of L’Usine’s logos and the choices of colors and materials within the whole space.


Clients: L'Usine
Location: Paris, gare Saint-Lazare.
Materials: Concrete, valchromat, metal.​​​​​​​
Photos: Thomas Lang
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